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Limping Through Life

Watch this Video of Pastor Jon Courson

20 years after this message was given at a CC Philly Men’s Conference, we find this message as powerful as ever. Pastor Jon’s testimony of tragedy and the Lord’s faithfulness is remarkable. A portion of this was shown at our recent Men’s Night and if you missed it please take some time to watch it.

Gospel Sexuality Seminar : Raising Sexually Healthy Kids

Its tougher than ever to be both a kid and a parent today! The worlds culture is continually pushing an anything-goes sexuality on our children. Gospel Sexuality: Raising Sexually Healthy Kids gives you gospel-centered principles and practical helps to disciple your kids hearts and nurture their faith as they face the sexual chaos of their world.

Year In Review 2016 ALT

In 2016 we saw the Lord’s hand at work through CCPhilly, as a bible teaching church for 35 years. We see the focus on the faithful teaching of His Word grow each week by His grace. We have seen Him continue to open doors for serving Him here in Philadelphia as well as ministering the Gospel across the world. The following is a brief look at how God used our fellowship to further His kingdom throughout 2016.

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

One of my favorite books on history is The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall. Here is an excerpt from his account of the first year the Pilgrims lived thru after landing in Massachusetts, culminating in the first Thanksgiving Feast. It is encouraging to see the Lord’s faithfulness to them as well as their willingness to endure hardships in order to follow God.

The Atheist Delusion

Incredible New Christian Movie. This is one of the most encouraging films I have seen, it will encourage your faith as well as challenge you to talk to the people around us every day. I was hooked from the first five minutes and have been waiting anxiously for it to be released in order for everyone to see!