2014 East Coast Pastor’s Conference

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General Information

The conference is being held at Sandy Cove Conference Center in North East, Maryland, midway between Baltimore and Philadelphia. The conference center is equipped with an enclosed swimming pool and a Health & Fitness Center. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Lodge. Directions and other information are on the back of this brochure.

Sandy Cove Conference Center – 60 Sandy Cove Road – North East, MD 21901-5436 800.234.2683

This Conference is for Senior Pastors, Assistant Pastors and their leadership team. Only Affiliated Calvary Chapels can stay onsite at Sandy Cove. There are NO single rooms available and doubles are limited to Senior Pastors. All other guests are encouraged to book on a four in a room basis. (We can fit an extra 100 people into the conference by booking four in a room). Non-affiliated Calvary Chapels are welcome to attend but must do so through the recommendation of a Calvary Chapel Affiliated Church. Please indicate on the registration form which Calvary Chapel is issuing the invitation. Non-affiliated churches must register as day guests and will need to make their own sleeping accommodations at a nearby hotel. The list of hotels are on the back side of this brochure. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate wives at Sandy Cove.


Registration Information

This year we will have early registration for Affiliated Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors and any roommates that he chooses between April 1st to April 15th. Those Senior Pastors will get one room on the grounds provided they register during this timeframe. After April 15th, we will continue to process registrations for everyone else, on a first come – first serve basis. If you are bringing a large group and you are not willing to split your group (in the event that Sandy Cove becomes full), then you may have to stay off-site to stay together (see registration form 2 below). Our goal is to fit Senior Pastors first and then Assistant Pastors and support people.
Registration will start after April 15th for Calvary Affiliate Assistant Pastors or support persons who are not already registered with their Senior Pastor and who would like to stay at the conference center. If there are no more available rooms, you will be contacted. You only need to fill out one card for each room (See form 1 below). If your room is not full, we will add additional men to fill it. The price includes the registration fee, accommodations for two nights, plus 5 full-course meals (Dinner on Monday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Tuesday and Breakfast on Wednesday). There is an additional fee for Sunday night lodging and Monday breakfast. At least 2 people must stay in the room for the night rate. Registration will end on Friday, May 9th or before if the conference becomes full.
Please fill out form 2 below if you are not affiliated with Calvary Chapel or are staying off-site. Please fill out one card per person. Non-Affiliated churches must also indicate on the registration form the name of the Calvary Chapel issuing the invitation. The price is $124.00 per person which includes all of your meals at Sandy Cove and your registration fee. Those in this category will need to make their own sleeping accommodations at a nearby Hotel. A list of nearby hotels is listed on the back of the brochure. Registration will end on Friday, May 9th or before if the conference becomes full.