Jean McClure

I went to Westmont College for 2½ years and then transferred to Point Loma and graduated from there. Don and I met at our church and were married in our senior year in college. God had called him to the ministry shortly before I met him. We were headed down the same road and excited about our future. The following year we went to Bible College in England and then home to land in the middle of an exploding revival that would later be known as the “Jesus Movement.” We were on staff at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA when Kay Smith, Pastor Chuck’s wife, came and taught a Bible Study in our home. It grew so large that it had to move to the church. It was during this time that I fell in love with ministering to women. Kay, my mother, and mother-in-law were great examples to me of how to pray, what it looked like to have a heart for God’s Word, and how to practically show the love of Christ to the women in the church. Out of those experiences, the Lord has given me the privileged opportunity of heading up women’s ministries in the churches Don has pastored and shared through the years at women’s retreats and couple’s retreats with Don. The Lord gave us three boys that have given me countless illustrations and now twelve grandchildren and two great-grandchildren that do the same. It is not easy to be a wife or mother or woman in the crazy world we live in today but Jesus has answers for us. How grateful I am to Him and His precious Word. Don and I have a ministry called Calvary Way. We consider it our responsibility to the Lord and to the body of Christ to serve His church by proclaiming God’s message in all its fullness.