Fathers, Lead Well in Your Homes

The description of David as “a man after God’s heart” was used first by Samuel when he informed Saul his kingdom would not continue. “The Lord has sought out a man after his own heart,” he told Saul (1 Sam. 13:14). Now, this does not mean David was perfect. Far from it. He was a strong-willed, sometimes impulsive man who accomplished great things and also had great failures. Sometimes we learn from him by example, and other times we learn from him by contrast.

Parenting is First About My Sin

The single greatest lesson I’m learning in six years of parenting twin boys—and now eighteen months with a daughter—is that parenting is first about my sin and need for growth, not first and foremost about my children’s.

Seven Things to Pray for Your Children

Seven Things to Pray for Your Children Article by Jon Bloom Some years back a good friend shared with me seven Scripture texts that he and his wife prayed for their two daughters from the time they were infants.