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Raising a family is hard work. Simply making sure that our children are fed, clothed and safe is stressful and difficult enough, and yet we know that parenting is so much more than that. God has asked us as parents to shepherd our children, their hearts and their emotions, and He has ordained the family unit as the primary place of spiritual growth and learning.

We hope that on this site you will find resources to help you as seek to nurture and raise your kids. Here you will find articles on a range of different parenting topics, teachings on parenting, recommended reading materials, and devotional materials that you can do as a family at home.

Over the years we have accumulated a number of written resources that we think are valuable and worth sharing with the Church.

You will find articles on obedience, prayer, sinfulness, and host more that all relate to parenting. We hope that they bless you and your family

Rescuing iGen Teens Raised on Smartphones Need an Escape Plan

It seems like millennials are always texting, swiping, browsing, Snapchatting, Instagramming, or wasting time in some other way on a device, and dinosaurs like me have been quick to complain about it. But it turns out millennials, most of whom remember cassette tapes and graduated high school with flip phones, were old enough to ride the technological wave of the 2010s without getting sucked under.

The Greatest Thing in the World Article

This short essay by Henry Drummond might be one of the best descriptions of Love that has ever been written. Living in a world that is desperately in need of love, this will equip you and remind you of some great truths that God has given to us.

The Atheist Delusion

Incredible New Christian Movie. This is one of the most encouraging films I have seen, it will encourage your faith as well as challenge you to talk to the people around us every day. I was hooked from the first five minutes and have been waiting anxiously for it to be released in order for everyone to see!

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2016 Worship Conference Teachings Now Available

We recently hosted a worship conference here at Calvary Chapel Philadelphia and wanted to make it available to you online. We invite you to listen and glean from these teachings and sessions.

Tony Evans: Race, Culture, and Christ

Christianity and Race in America

This message by Pastor Tony Evans is so timely, seeing how so many people are talking about race right now in our country. I would strongly encourage you to listen to this message, and then encourage others to do the same.

Roby Duke & Celeste Villanova CCA Chapel

Several years ago we had the unique opportunity of inviting a brother and sister in the Lord, Roby Duke and Celeste Villanova, to present a collaboration celebrating racial reconciliation and unity in Christ.


This is the best article I have come across on the subject of patience. Just about all of us struggle with being patient, this chapter written by Phillip Keller will encourage and strengthen you as you seek to be patient in an impatient world!

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Spurgeon – From Every Sin

During a recent Communion service, Pastor Joe read the following entry from Spurgeon’s Checkbook of Faith: FROM EVERY SIN…