Men’s Breakfast

June 16th – Men’s Breakfast in the Cougar Cafe 8:00 am

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Church Soccer League
for boys & girls ages 4 to 17. Cost is $45 per child. Registration available now outside of the Children’s Ministry office BEFORE 2nd or 3rd service. Volunteer coaches, assistants, referees, and snack stand
helpers are always needed! Email for more info.

Soccer Camp
for boys & girls ages 6 to 14. Cost is $50 per child. Registration available now outside of the Children’s Ministry office BEFORE 2nd and 3rd service. Volunteers age 15+ are always needed! Email for more info or with questions.

Vacation Bible School
8/6 – 8/10, 9:30am to 12:30pm. Ages 4 to 5th grade. Cost is $10 per child or $20 per family. The theme is “Follow Me Lessons In The Life Of Peter”. Register outside of the CM office Before all Sunday morning services. Email Rose at for more info or questions.

Rescuing iGen Teens Raised on Smartphones Need an Escape Plan

It seems like millennials are always texting, swiping, browsing, Snapchatting, Instagramming, or wasting time in some other way on a device, and dinosaurs like me have been quick to complain about it. But it turns out millennials, most of whom remember cassette tapes and graduated high school with flip phones, were old enough to ride the technological wave of the 2010s without getting sucked under.

Worship Conference Image

2016 Worship Conference Teachings Now Available

We recently hosted a worship conference here at Calvary Chapel Philadelphia and wanted to make it available to you online. We invite you to listen and glean from these teachings and sessions.

Roby Duke & Celeste Villanova CCA Chapel

Several years ago we had the unique opportunity of inviting a brother and sister in the Lord, Roby Duke and Celeste Villanova, to present a collaboration celebrating racial reconciliation and unity in Christ.

2015 Year In Review Banner

2015 Year in Review

Take a look at how God has used CCPhilly in 2015 and find out ways that you can be a part of it in 2016.

The Reproducers

The Reproducers

Imagine 1,500 people arriving an hour early for church. Baptizing 500 people in a few hours in the pacific ocean. Bible studies more popular than anything else. These are just a few of the amazing things that transpired during the Jesus Movement of the 1970’s in Southern California and is captured within the pages of The Reproducers.

Sunday Night Prayer w/ Kayla McBride

Our Sunday night prayer service has prayed for 11-year-old Kayla McBride through a long treatment plan for Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma (cancer of the nerve tissue).  Due to complications from the second of two bone marrow transplants, Kayla was not expected to survive. Thousands prayed, and on Kayla’s tenth birthday she began to experience a miraculous turn-around. She is currently disease-free.